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Our History

Dhayas is a movement, a change maker for art and artist. We are not born equal, but we can have equal opportunity to develop our capacity. Though it may seem a far-fetched goal but Dhayas lays the foundation for the beginning of this change, where things work equally for all. One need not pick a conventional career path to meet his or her living expenses. Dhayas understands that with the prevalence of technology especially in the field of communications and commerce, Art community cannot divorce existing order and grow lushly. In fact, it should match the pace so that every craftsman and artisans should get to live with dignity and independance. Dhayas works to achieve sustainable solutions for art by bringing a market-based approach in a social work structure. Dhayas aims to provide an infrastructure to develop an art community which brings together the art, the artist and the appreciator. In doing so, it brings to you inspiring stories of the art and artisans; from what goes behind the art to the very forefront of an artist’s life. We provide a platform to bring the art at your doorstep along with the artists. Here, you can do it all: buy, sell, learn, and most importantly appreciate the artists and the craftsman. Dhayas aims to ‘connect art with the coming age commerce’ by reaching craftsmen and artists from the remotest corners, living away from smart-screens to be able to enjoy their due.It’s in the pursuit to unleash art as a vital tool for gaining a more profound recognition for artists and their contribution in the society.

Our Hope

Dhayas hopes to create an environment where current generation of craftsmen and artisans wish to pass on their art to the future generation.

Our Resolve

To create more economic opportunities for artist and artisans to earn their livelihood by engaging in a hassle-free e-Commerce portal

Our Grit

At Dhayas we feel avidly about bringing openness and fairness to the frustratingly opaque art market.

“Do small things with great love”

Mother Teresa

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Jaipur, Rajasthan

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