We are Dhayas

For Artists and Artisans

What we do?

Teach and Learn

At Dhayas, sharing is the key! A great platform for the artists and artisans to teach their skills to people. And the art enthusiasts can learn from the masters at the convenience of their home. We make this process easier for you!

Buy or Sell Online

We are your digital partners. We understand that market gets tough, but the tough needs to get going! We are here to help – by providing pro-artists and artisans platform – eliminating the middlemen!

Authenticity Guaranteed

Customers can get the most authentic products and pay directly to the artists and artisans.

Dhayas Journal

Our Team

We are Dhayas. Striving to build an ecosystem where we understand the importance of “co-existing”. Diverse and highly motivated team is building Dhayas through thick and thin.

Introductory Offer

Artists Membership

Rs 50

per month

Learn the Art & Craft

Rs 100

per month

Student Artist

Rs 70

per month

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Jaipur, Rajasthan

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